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Felted Heart Decoration

Learn how to make these simple fun  felted hearts perfect as a house accessory or card decoration.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Rib Stitch

in this film learn the rib stitch a combination of plain and purl stitches which you will find at the bottom of most garments.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Casting Off

Once you've cast on, knitted and purled your pattern and finished your project, there's just one more step that has to be completed: getting your project off the needles. In this film learn how to cast off.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Knitweave On The Knitmaster/Silver Reed Machine

Fiona demonstrates the basic Knitweave technique on a Knitmaster/Silver Reed machine.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Stocking Stitch

Learn to knit the Stocking stitch.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Purl Stitch

Learn to knit with the purl stitch.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Knitweave On The Brother Machine

Fiona demonstrates the basic Knitweave technique on a Brother knitting machine.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Dropped a Stitch?

Dropped a stitch? Don't panic, we will guide you through how to fix this situation.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Knit Stitch

Learn the basics: The perfect stitch for a beginner. Learn the very basic knit stitch.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Machine Finished Buttonhole

Join Liz Holness from the Machine Knitter Guild as she shows us how to machine finish a buttonhole.

Presenter: Liz Holness   Everyone  

Moss Stitch

From our learn the basics series learn how to create the decorative moss stitch.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Casting on with two needles

An easy close up demonstration of two needle casting on.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Machine Knitted Cables

Learn how to create cables on a knitting machine used to create beautiful decorative stitches.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Easy Fingerless Gloves

Learn how to knit these easy fingerless gloves using knit and pearl stitch.

Presenter: Sarah Corcoran   Everyone  

Baby Bootees

Discover how to make these fun felted booties which make the perfect gift for a new arrival or great slippers in adult size.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Intermediate  

Paint Dyeing on Wool

Learn how to dye your own wool with Heather Murray & Fiona Morris.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy  

Horizontal Pocket With Lining

There are a number of ways to knit pockets. In this programme Fiona demonstrates how to knit one of the easier methods of making a pocket; a horizontal pocket with a lining.

Presenter:    Easy  

Felted Ball Bracelet

Join Emma as she show you how to make this simple and fun felted bracelets. If you're feeling really creative you could make earrings and a keyring too.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Beginner  

Lavender Bag

Join Emma Boyle as she demonstrates how to knit your fabulous free gift the Pollyanna lavender bag kit.

Presenter: Emma Boyle    Easy  

Machine Knitting Pressing

Now it time to finish your Origami Jumper. Join Christine as she shows you the best way to press your finished pieces.

Presenter: Drayton Machine Knitting Group    Intermediate   Series

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