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Paint Dyeing on Wool

Learn how to dye your own wool with Heather Murray & Fiona Morris.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy  

Mathematical Origami Jumper

Join Jan Dean from Drayton Knitting Group as she demonstrates how to and machine knitted origami jumper using mathematical technique.

Presenter:    Intermediate   Series

Bavarian Twisted Stitch Patterns

Bavarian Twisted Stitch Patterns create intricate fine cable and travelling stitch patterns. Fiona demonstrates how to knit these type of stitch patterns.

Presenter:    Advanced  

Beaded Knitting with Slip Stitch

Fiona teaches you how to create brilliant patterns by incorporating beading into your different knitting projects.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Easy  

Alpaca Wool

Laura Quiggan visits an alpaca farm to meet these wonderful animals and learn a bit more about the fibre they produce and the yarns made from the farm's own fibre.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan    Everyone  

Basic Cables

Fiona discusses the types of tools and techniques you will need to knit cables and then demonstrates with examples, how to cross the stitches both in front and behind.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Beginner  

Paint Dyeing on Wool

Fiona Morris is joined by Heather Murray for an introduction in dyeing different types of wool. Heather covers setting up with expert tips on getting started.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Everyone   Series