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Mathematical Origami Jumper

Join Jan Dean from Drayton Knitting Group as she demonstrates how to and machine knitted origami jumper using mathematical technique.

Presenter:    Intermediate   Series

Fully Fashioned Decrease

Fiona shows how to use the transfer tool when decreasing stitches and explains how to work a simple edge decrease and a fully fashioned decrease.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Beginner  

Knitting Techniques: Double Decreases

There are a number of ways to work a double decrease in knitting depending on the finished look you require. Fiona demonstrates 3 methods of working a double decrease on knit rows.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Intermediate  

Bead Knitting using a Slip Stitch

Debbie Abrahams demonstrates threading beads onto yarn, reading a chart and knitting with beads using the slip stitch technique.

Presenter: Debbie Abrahams    Easy  

Meet the Surrey Knitting and Crochet Guild Group

Knitting groups come in all shapes and sizes. Today Laura Quiggan meets the Surrey Knitting And Crochet Guild Group and talks to the founders about setting up and running a knitting group.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan    Everyone  

Fuzzy Pets

Learn to make a cute pet with basic knitting skills and a funky yarn. Karen Franzmeier takes you through the process step-by-step.

Presenter: Karen Franzmeier    Beginner