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Knit Stitch

Learn the basics: The perfect stitch for a beginner. Learn the very basic knit stitch.

Presenter:    Everyone  

Fingerless Gloves with Thumbs

Join Jill Mundy as she demonstrate how to knit quick and easy fingerless gloves with thumbs.

Presenter: Jill Mundy    Beginner  

Cast off for Knit 1 Below

Experienced knitter Fiona Morris shares her experience in the technique of casting off, showing close up detail of her knitting as she goes.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Beginner  

Visiting Hammond Angoras

Laura Quiggan meets Jane-Ann Rogers and talks to her about her Angora goats and running a small yarn business.

Presenter: Laura Quiggan    Everyone  

E-Wrap Closed Edge Cast On

E-Wrap cast on is easy to work and gives a closed edge i.e. the stitches will not run. It is also a useful technique for casting on extra stitches part way through a piece of knitting.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Beginner  

Garter Stitch - Not Just For Beginners

Ever thought that garter stitch was just for beginners? Well Fiona Morris shows us some variations to add to your stitch knowledge library.

Presenter: Fiona Morris    Intermediate